Me Hello ! My name is Antonio Paolillo, and I'm currently a Ph.D student in Computer Science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

My research interests gravitate toward embedded and real-time systems, modern and certified operating systems design and digital system design under hardware physical constraints. I'm also curious about all mathematics and sciences in general.

My social creed is repetitive task automation, in order to increase intellectual challenges in general and focus on true value work.

In 2011, I obtained a Master Degree in Computer Science at ULB with great honours and, in 2009, a Bachelor Degree with greatest honours in the same school.

After one year of working at the S.W.I.F.T. company as a junior software engineer, I returned to my school in order to complete a Ph.D under the supervision of Pr. Joël Goossens to complete my education as a computer scientist.

I'm currently employed by the HIPPEROS S.A. company which is a spin-off of the ULB thats aims to build a brand new embedded real-time operating system, and I'm one of the main developer of the current dev-team (the initial team, one guy left since). We apply Scrumban methodology as much as we can to quickly deliver a solid product. The objective of the O.S. is to be sold as the main product of the HIPPEROS S.A.. Founders of the spin-off include, among others, Ben Rodriguez, Christian Lemer and Joël Goossens.

For more information about me, please check my resumee (PDF file).